Justice comes to Moscow with the first and only concert in Russia!

The show is a powerful mix of techno, pop, R&B, electro, funk, metal and pretty much anything else that took this duet’s fancy, combined as part of their latest album Woman.

The music portfolio of Justice is bombastic and includes soundtracks for the Dior Homme show, the snowboard film That's it that's all, the videogame DJ Hero, or the hymn of the Adidas campaign "All with Us". It's no wonder that guys quickly made their way to headline slots at Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Their music is almost impossible to pin down. And the listener has never any concept of what the record is going to promise next. Glitch techno? Sci-fi prog? Celestial disco?

Only a fool would try to second guess Justice. And that includes Justice themselves.

New Album
Out on November 18th 2016
(Ed banger records / because musi)

The first taster fans had after a five-year studio silence, « Safe And Sound » is the perfect fanfare for what lies ahead. Built upon a bedrock of slap bass workouts and glistening synthesisers, the sense of drama is ratcheted up by swirling Love Unlimited-styled disco strings.

Woman’s journey catapults you from the elastic R&B pop of « Pleasure » straight into the rush of « Alakazam! ». Twirls through a dazzling bout of thumping electronic piano and clavinet sparring during « Fire »’s dancefloor peacocking, barely pausing for breath before it lands at « Stop » - a sparkling, bittersweet slice of disco pop that boasts one of the best chorus the pair have ever had on a track.

«Love S.O.S», meanwhile, sounds like the greatest disco anthem you’ve never heard, striking the perfect balance of euphoria and heartache while a synth wails like a police siren throughout

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